Feminist ‘Reporter’ ➠ Let’s Just Vaporize White Men’s Guns

Feminist ‘Reporter' ➠ Let’s Just Vaporize White Men’s Guns.png

Feminist ‘Reporter’: Let’s Just Vaporize White Men’s Guns


She’s also a Black Lives Matter loon, which figures.

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Via Downtrend:

Andrea Grimes, a senior “reporter” at the RH Reality Check feminist rag, tweeted this past week that guns ought to be taken away from white men:


Grimes added that “white guys cannot be trusted to use guns responsibly” and that “we can collect their tears for research and resource purposes while they line up to surrender their weapons.”


She made these absurd statements in response to a story about Arizona ex-con Ryan Giroux, who went on a shooting spree this Wednesday that left one dead and five wounded.


That these sorts of shootings occur (infrequently, I might add) apparently means that white men pose some sort of threat to the American populace.


Andrea also happens to be a “Black Lives Matter” protester, meaning that the ghastly statistics pertaining to black criminality likely deserve no merit from her delicate intellect.


She ended her diatribe by asserting that she cannot be either racist or sexist, because she’s married to a white man. This seems awfully ironic, given that racial grievance mongers frequently use the exact same type of argument to refute allegations of racism.


Regardless, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, Miss Grimes, but you are in fact a racist and sexist pig — as well as a complete buffoon and embarrassment to journalism!

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