Feminist Students Protest Feminist Prof For Writing About Feminism


Feminist Students Protest Feminist Prof for Writing About Feminism

Natasha Vargas-Cooper had an article at Jezebel Friday that is surprisingly critical of feminist totalitarianism. “It is a stunning example of feminism devouring itself,” she wrote.

It seems that two female graduate students at Northwestern University filed Title IX charges against professor Laura Kipnis over an essay and a tweet she wrote. “Kipnis was then plunged into a secretive and labyrinthine bureaucratic process that she believes threatens her academic freedom.”

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The trouble for Kipnis started a few months ago when she published an essay in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the growing sexual paranoia on college campuses. Though Kipnis primarily focused on conduct between professors and students, her essay did feature a cutting indictment of the current activism around consent and sex on campus: “women have spent the past century and a half demanding to be treated as consenting adults,” Kipnis writes, “now a cohort on campuses [is]demanding to relinquish those rights, which I believe is a disastrous move for feminism.”


Student activists at Northwestern protested Kipnis’ essay by carrying around mattresses in the style of Emma Sulkowicz, which Kipnis regarded as “symbolically incoherent,” given that Sulkowicz’s mattress had come to symbolize student-on-student sexual assault and that Kipnis’ essay was primarily about sex between students and teachers. Further, Kipnis hadn’t assaulted anyone. Nevertheless, the students, with mattresses in tow, went to Northwestern’s president with a petition demanding swift and official condemnation of Kipnis essay.


Of the protest, Kipnis writes, “the new [consent]codes infantilized students while vastly increasing the power of university administrators over all our lives, and here were students demanding to be protected by university higher-ups from the affront of someone’s ideas, which seemed to prove my point.”


Though the President said he would consider the petition, Kipnis assumed that academic freedom would prevail.


But Kipnis was wrong.

For the rest of the “insane and increasingly paradoxical twists to Kipnis’ ordeal (which is still ongoing),” read more here.

On the upside, so many radical feminists now are carrying mattresses all over campuses that they finally may have discovered a use for their feminist studies degrees – as furniture movers.

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