Ferguson Protester Who Shot Two Cops ➠ Caught On Jail Audio Confessing To Crime

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#Ferguson Protester Who Shot Two Cops Caught On Jail Audio Confessing To Crime

This guy really wins the stupid prize.

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ST. LOUIS (AP) — The attorney for the man accused of shooting two police officers during a demonstration in Ferguson expressed surprise Wednesday at audio of jail telephone calls in which his client appears to confess.


Jeffrey L. Williams, 20, is accused of shooting and wounding the officers on March 12, during an early-morning rally sparked by the resignation of Ferguson’s police chief.


Prosecutors say Williams told investigators he fired a gun but was aiming at someone else. KMOV-TV first obtained audio of several of Williams’ phone conversations from at the St. Louis County Justice Center. St. Louis County Justice Services Director Herbert Bernsen confirmed the audio is from calls made by Williams and provided The Associated Press with the sound files.


It wasn’t clear to whom Williams was speaking. In one call, Williams said he was having trouble with a group of people, prompting an exchange of gunfire.


“Nobody aiming at no police,” Williams says. “I ran up the hill and he (an unidentified person) shot at the car. … I shot back,” Williams said.


In another conversation, Williams expressed concern about a possible lengthy prison sentence.


“Even though I was in the wrong, though, I should have just went the other way,” he said. “Oh man, now I’m looking at 10 years.” More

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