Filthy Little Girls Lead Cops To House Of Horrors With Shocking Twist

Winchester, Indiana home where McCoy lived

Winchester, Indiana home where McCoy lived

Filthy Little Girls Lead Cops To House Of Horrors With Shocking Twist

After seven months, investigators in Indiana have finally decided to do something about a mother who subjects her two young daughters to some of the worst circumstances seen in the state. But the action they’ve taken this week is too little and way too late.

November 25 was a cold, windy, and overcast day — not the ideal conditions conducive to a stroll through the city, especially for two girls under the age of eight without coats, shoes, or socks. A Winchester, Indiana police officer spotted the small children alone, not wearing adequate clothing, and pulled over to question them after they recklessly crossed the street.

The girls, aged five and seven, begged the officer not to take them back to their home, demanding he take them to their grandparent’s house instead. They explained that they were afraid of the dog where they had been living and that their ears hurt from all their mother’s yelling. But what the officer would soon discover of the conditions, would confirm what the girls reported and much worse.

The cop dropped the children off at the grandparent’s home, before going to the house where the children had been squatting with their mother, Britney McCoy. Accompanied with a Child Protective Services worker, the two found that the girls had snuck out of the decrepit home through a window, climbing down the roof and running to safety. That window was just 24 inches from where McCoy was sleeping, and she was unaware that her children had made a getaway. Worse yet were the other people living in the home and the deplorable surroundings.

Filthy Little Girls Lead Cops To House Of Horrors With Shocking Twist

According to The Star Press, officers discovered mounds of trash, plates of food coated in mold, and piles of poop throughout, including several heaps of dog feces right next to the twin air mattress the girls shared with their mother. There was also an inoperable toilet, and lice was found in the girls’ hair as well.

To make matters worse, McCoy and her daughters were living with a married couple, and one of the adults in the home is a convicted child molester. More


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