Fiorina ➠ California Drought Is Man Made Disaster

Fiorina ➠ California Drought Is Man Made Disaster

Fiorina: California Drought is Man Made Disaster

While California Governor Jerry Brown blames the current drought in his state on global warming and calls for stiff penalties for anyone that takes a long shower, Republican presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina appeared on the Glenn Beck Radio Program.

“It is a man-made disaster,” Fiorina told Beck.

“California is a classic case of liberals being willing to sacrifice other people’s lives and livelihoods at the altar of their ideology,” Fiorina said.

Fiorina, who said she is still considering a presidential run and will make a decision soon, told Beck that environmental legislation and liberal policies in California have made things worse.

“With different policies over the last 20 years, all of this could be avoided,” she said. “Despite the fact that California has suffered from droughts for millennia, liberal environmentalists have prevented the building of a single new reservoir or a single new water conveyance system over decades during a period in which California’s population has doubled.”

Governor Jerry Brown has issued restrictions on water use seeking a cut of 25% by residents with fines of up to $500 per day for non-compliance.

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