Fiorina ➠ Common Core Limits Parent Choice & Child’s Chances

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Fiorina: Common Core Limits Parent Choice and Child’s Chances

On Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina spoke out against Common Core, saying it not only limits parental choice but also limits a child’s chances in receiving the best education possible.

“Common Core has become — however it was intended originally — Common Core has become a nationally driven set of bureaucratic standards that teach teachers how to teach, that teach children how to learn, and what we need is to provide more parental choice so that our kids — anywhere they live — have a real chance, and Common Core doesn’t help us do that,” Fiorina said.

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Wallace took issue with her accusing Washington of imposing “bureaucratic standards” down the pipeline when, as he pointed out, Common Core standards don’t come from the Department of Education but from state governors and local school officials. “In fact,” Wallace said, “the federal government is barred by law from setting curriculum.”

Fiorina replied:

Yes, I understand that’s how it started. But the thing is, when a Washington bureaucracy gets involved in any program, it becomes heavy-handed and standardized. It’s how Washington bureaucracies work. And so, the reason you have so many parents and teachers pushing back against Common Core is because they believe, rightly so, that they are losing their choices and their flexibility.

Fiorina added that national textbook companies are banding together with national testing companies to “form and drive these standards.” “It’s just how bureaucracies work,” she, again, told Wallace. More

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