Fired For Saying ‘Jesus’

Fired For Saying ‘Jesus’

Ryan Roberts, a motivational speaker, was excited when he received the opportunity to speak to the junior class of his alma mater, Keller High School, in the suburbs of Ft. Worth, Texas. The speech, however, led to his dismissal because he said what was considered by the school district and his bosses an “evil” word; Jesus.

At the end of a junior class rally on March 30, Roberts delivered his talk on the topic of stress and pressure When talking about his own personal story he mentioned his strong faith in Jesus as part of what helped him deal with stress. Because he credited his faith during his oratory his speech was “deemed so offensive to students it rendered a letter from the school principal to parents.” The letter assured parents that Ryan’s offense had already earned him termination from the organization that hired him to give the speech.

Roberts did not push drugs, use profanity or advocate a criminal enterprise; his offense was to explain how faith helped him to get through the tough times. Ryan was fired because he was a Christian. And that should offend believers of any faith.

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One of Ryan’s friends has set up to share the story of what happened. More details of the incident on Ryan’s future plans are available there.

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