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Fireworks! Dana Perino FLIPS OUT On Eric Bolling Over ‘Trump Deal’


Fireworks on ‘The Five’! Dana Perino FLIPS OUT at Eric Bolling over Trump ‘deal’

Fox News’ Dana Perino made it absolutely clear Wednesday that she’s no fan of Donald Trump, and accused co-host Eric Bolling of pandering to the presidential contender in a testy exchange on “The Five.”


“Covering up for him is actually wrong. And I understand that you have a deal that you’re trying to work on with him. I saw the Twitter last night,” Perino said.

Perino was referring to a tongue-in-cheek Twitter exchange the previous day, after Bolling wished Trump good luck on his presidential campaign.

Perino didn’t approve.

“I just don’t see how that’s any different than how another journalist is actually pandering when you said you’ve been trying to close the deal for years for you to be on ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’” she accused.

Bolling couldn’t believe it.

“Oh, my God. You actually think that I…? I’ve been friendly with Donald Trump for 15 years!” he said.

Perino didn’t let up, but Bolling tried to give her a chance to clarify her statement.

“Are you actually saying…? You’re going to accuse me of saying that Donald Trump has some good ideas that are resonating with America, because I want to be on ‘Celebrity Apprentice?’” he asked. “Please tell me that’s not the case.” More

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