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First “Jewish President” Blocks Relocation Of US Embassy To Jerusalem


First “Jewish President” Blocks Relocation of US Embassy to Jerusalem

In 2008 before the presidential election Barack Obama promised American Jews that Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel.

Yeah, that was another lie.

In 2012 the Obama administration said they would in no way recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

This week Obama blacked the US Embassy relocating to Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Post:

US President Barack Obama invoked a waiver on Wednesday postponing the relocation of the American embassy to Jerusalem for at least another six months.


Despite Congressional legislation mandating that the US move its mission to the Israeli capital, successive administrations dating back to the Clinton regime have used presidential authority to postpone implementation of the law by citing “national security interests.”


Jerusalem is not recognized as Israel’s capital, and the international community’s position is that its status is to be negotiated in talks between Israel and the Palestinians. Israel’s annexation of the eastern half of the capital is also not recognized internationally.


The Palestinians seek a state with east Jerusalem as its capital, while Israel’s official position is to keep the city united under its sovereignty.


US candidates often express their intention to move the embassy to Jerusalem from its current location in Tel Aviv, only to invoke the presidential waiver upon entering office.


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