First Lady Tells Daughters To Tweet What They Learned In School ➠ Not What They Had For Lunch

michelle-obama-forkFirst lady tells daughters to tweet what they learned in school, not what they had for lunch

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First lady Michelle Obama was in London today to promote the joint United States/United Kingdom initiative #LetGirlsLearn. Mrs. Obama met with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace as well as with Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss the program, and she also took questions via Twitter.



Kicking things off at the Mulberry School for Girls yesterday, Mrs. Obama spoke of her own background and childhood in Chicago.





The Washington Post’s Krissah Thompson reports that the first lady explained how she invites her own daughters to pitch in.



The first lady neglected to mention that here in America, our sons and daughters in public schools have made it a habit to tweet about what they’re eating for what’s being served to them as lunch.









So, why not share something you learned at school?






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