First Muslim City Council In U.S. ENFORCES Sharia Law…

First Muslim Council In U.S. Forces Locals To Obey Sharia Law — Too Late Now

They need to be forced out of office along with their “sharia law” immediately. We do not want or need their sharia law in America. Are they creating a state-supported religion?


We warned Americans that electing Muslims into government positions would simultaneously help implement Sharia law. However, the city that was so proud to have elected the first Muslim-majority city council has found out that they must now adhere to intolerant Islamic law — and they immediately regret their votes.

The left continues to claim that bringing Muslims to the U.S. is an excellent step towards tolerance and multiculturalism, but what they fail to predict is that their new guests never return this respect, as it is fundamentally against their religion to accept anything other than Allah’s law.

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Mad World News previously reported that Michigan residents elected their first Muslim-majority government, placing four Muslims out of six members on the Hamtramck City Council. Leftists hailed the move as a monument step in the right direction, but citizens soon realized that it was all a ploy to implement Sharia law.

The first order of business for the newly elected Muslims was to build an Islamic center that could accommodate 2,000 people. Of course, the unsuspecting residents had no idea that “Islamic center” means “mosque” in politically correct lingo.

The next step for the Sharia council was to ban local businesses from selling alcohol within 500 feet of a mosque. Residents are also worried that new legislation will interfere with “entertainment” in their town, but that’s now the least of their worries.  More

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