Tom Fitton: Mueller FBI Implicated in Lois Lerner IRS Scandal… Robert Mueller Cannot be Trusted

It would be stupid to assume that the FBI only became corrupt during Comey’s tenure. The Fed wasn’t snow white while Mueller was at the helm. He is a dirty cop it’s just that plain and simple.


Robert Mueller was involved in many scandals during his time as FBI Director from 9/4/2001-9/4/2013.

From the Uranium One scandal to the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, he cannot be trusted to uncover Obama FBI/DOJ abuses targeting President Trump, says Judicial Watch president, Tom Fitton.

“One of the things we uncovered in investigating the IRS scandal in getting documents Congress couldn’t get and didn’t want to get was that the Justice Department was working with Lois Lerner’s FBI to prosecute the very groups that Lois Lerner was suppressing through the IRS,” Fitton said.

“So think about this, the Justice Department and the FBI under Robert Mueller were concocting ways to prosecute President Obama’s political opposition. Because they were caught, they had to turn over 1.5 million pages of IRS documents they unlawfully obtained from the IRS,” Fitton continued.

“So this is the man we are trusting to honestly evaluate misconduct in government.”

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“Is he [Mueller] going to evaluate what the FBI was up to in terms of the unmasking and intelligence gathering? Obviously not,” Tom Fitton said.


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Tom Fitton: “Mueller and Lois Lerner? . uncovered the dirty little secret about the Obama IRS scandal: it involved both the FBI (under Mueller) and DOJ. is right not to trust Mueller. Shut it down.”

Judicial Watch fought to expose both Lois Lerner and Koskinen at the IRS for targeting tea party groups during the Obama years. The IRS was used as a weapon to attack Christian and conservative groups and the people involved must be brought to justice.

The Department of Justice announced in early September it would not charge former IRS official Lois Lerner in the highly controversial IRS scandal, which saw numerous Conservative groups allegedly targeted by the Department. Read more at TGP.

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