FNC’s Kelly Blasts Clinton Campaign for Denying Reporter Access To Event ➠ Video

FNC’s Kelly Blasts Clinton Campaign for Denying Reporter Access to Event

On Monday night, Fox News’ Megyn Kelly blasted the Hillary Clinton campaign for denying Daily Mail reporter David Martosko access to her campaign appearance in New Hampshire.

Speaking to Martosko himself, Kelly mocked the campaign for its “conflicting” explanations for him being unable to cover Clinton’s event and insisted that her campaign doesn’t “get to control” who reports on her candidacy with Martosko suggesting that such actions are “the kind of thing we see in other countries that we don’t want to emulate.”

Martokso explained that after he wrote some critical statements about Clinton’s campaign relaunch on Saturday he was denied access to two subsequent campaign events:

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In response, Kelly mocked the Clinton campaign’s excuse for denying Martosko access because he’s “foreign press. And you responded by saying, there’s lots of foreign press and they’ve acted as pool before.”

The Daily Mail reporter insisted that the line being peddled by Clinton was because they don’t want to admit they don’t like the reporting by his publication:

Martosko went one step further and argued that he was “embarrassed as a journalist to see how many journalists reported on Saturday only what the Clinton campaign wanted them to. But we have a duty to do more than that. And I think the Clinton campaign at this point doesn’t have a lot of tolerance for reporters who, you know, stray outside the lines.”  More


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