Muslims Erect Despicable Billboards Across America!


Following ISIS Atrocities, Muslims Erect Despicable Billboards Across America

With each new atrocity committed in the name of Allah and by his literally intended command, Muslims are quick to pick up torches and pitchforks, but never to attack the aggressors of their faith. Instead, these so-called moderates spring into action to chastise the media for reporting facts, using their own intimidation tactics to protect the perpetrators.

However, one national Islamic group is seizing the opportunity of worldwide suffering to further their sinister political and religious agenda.

New York-based Islamic Circle of North America thought of only one thing after Muslim jihadists perpetrated the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Boston bombing, OKC beheading, Garland shooting, and countless atrocities committed by ISIS — spread Islam. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The Houston Chronicle reports that ICNA has erected Islamic billboards sporting a controversial message in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Houston.


The eyesore reads, “Muhammad — peace be upon him — believed in peace, social justice, womens rights…”

The in-your-face displays are not only an insensitive attempt to silence opposition to Islamic intolerance, but they serve as an hypocritical irony that can only be broken down by the fundamentals of Islam.

1. Muhammad believed in peace

We whole-heartedly agree with this claim — as long as it’s referring to how peace is defined in the Quran. Allah commands Muslims to be “forceful against the disbelievers, peaceful among themselves.” See? Islam means peace…as long as you convert to Islam. However, even then you must adhere to strict and inhumane Sharia law, lest you be beheaded. The same sword that smites the infidels is good for the back-sliding believer.

In Quran 2:191, Allah reminds that the acceptable punishment for those who “reject the faith” is continuous war and slaughter. Although Muslims attempt to twist the meaning by citing 8:61, which states that if an enemy wants a peace treaty, Muslim must oblige them and live in peace. However, they fail to disclose that this treaty can be revoked at anytime for any reason, as Muhammad displayed when he slaughtered the peaceful, unsuspecting Banu Qurayza Jews with whom he had made a treaty.

Islam means peace in that they believe that there can only be peace when Islam rules the world with Sharia law. In short, Muslims believe they are warring towards world peace through force and slaughter, the same way Muhammad did.

2. Muhammad believed in social justice

Social justice is a catch 22 in Islam. Certainly, every human being has equal rights under Islamic law, which equal no rights. But many forget that Islam considers non-Muslims as subhuman. However, even Christians and Jews may be offered protection from immediate slaughter, so long as they pay the crippling jizya for choosing a different faith over Islam, although the limited protection jizya offers can also be revoked at any time for any reason.

Although Islamic law is intended to rule over all faiths, it is insufferable for unbelievers. For reading a Bible, one might have their hand chopped off or be imprisoned for life. For leaving Islam, death is the only appropriate punishment, as Muhammad commanded.

Again, the definition of justice is not at all the same definition that Westerners who live under democracy think of, but this is just another example of effective taqiyya to fool the ignorant unbeliever.

3. Muhammad believed in women’s rights

For those of us who’ve studied the Quran and Hadith, this claim is so laughable it isn’t even funny anymore. Because the Islamic books contain so many inexcusable crimes against women, it’s much easier just to list them off with their appropriate reference.

Husbands should beat their wives. No, this is not a twist of scripture. All transliterations of this Quranic scripture say either “beat” or “strike.”

Men may have sex slaves, as long as they aren’t Muslim women who are still married to another Muslim man. Muhammad himself took the most beautiful sex slaves for himself after battle, one of whom he was having sex with when one of his wives caught him in their bed.

Muslim women get half the inheritance that a male heir does. In cases of non-Muslim women, they are considered slaves, so they shouldn’t even be afforded an inheritance.

A (Muslim) woman’s testimony accounts for half that of a man. In cases of rape, if a woman cannot provide three male witnesses, she is considered a lying adulteress and punished as such. If a woman suspects her husband is committing adultery, she must provide four male witnesses to prove his infidelity. The burden of proof always falls on the woman.

Women are to be treated as livestock. Muhammad preached in his final sermon to his followers that women “are like domestic animals with you and do not possess anything themselves…Allah permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them, but not severely.” Need we say more? More

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