Massive Food Stamp Fraud Uncovered Raking In A Whooping $8.5 Million In Fraudulent SNAP Benefits

Seven people have been indicted in connection with a huge food stamp scheme in which they allegedly defrauded millions from the SNAP program. The indictment states the overall transactions made by Ohio Direct Distributors totaled more than $9 million, and of that, nearly $8.5 million dollars was fraudulent.

The indictments handed down in U.S. District Court names Kaitlin Koher, Aaron Luke, Andrew Hess, William Lambert, Joseph Hendricks, Kyle Nicholson and James Leeson.


A massive food stamp fraud scheme has been busted…finally! The seven people who have been indicted were at it since 2011. This isn’t small-scale fraud! They allegedly defrauded millions from the SNAP program…$8.5 million!

The indictment handed down in U.S. District Court names the owner of Ohio Direct Distributors. Kaitlin Kohler ran the food stamp fraud scheme with six others for years. This begs the question…Why is food stamp fraud STILL so rampant?

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Food stamp fraud is still fairly rampant at corner stores operated in low-income neighborhoods. The temptation for fraud increases because it’s easy to launder money via the SNAP benefits. Approximately $975 million is lost every year due to food stamp fraud. It’s way past time to crack down on the abuse of what has become a theft of YOUR money!

Trading SNAP benefits for cash enables the drug trade and continued addiction:

Food Stamp Bust of 7 Exposes EBT for Drugs Trend: “Pills, Meth, Weed”

We’ve previously reported on how the SNAP program attracts immigrants who send the stolen money back to their home country:


IMMIGRANT Ghanaian Woman Pleads Guilty To $3.6 Million in Food Stamp Fraud…Media Ignores Her Immigrant Status

1. Ohio Convenience Store Owner Sentenced to 33 Months in Prison for $2.8 Million in Food Stamp Fraud

A former Ohio convenience store owner got caught carrying out a $2.8 million food stamp fraud scheme where George Rafidi allowed benefit recipients to exchange their food stamps for cash.

2. Florida Investigators Discover More than $20 Million in Food Stamp Fraud

The Division of Public Assistance Fraud, which works within Florida’s Department of Children and Families to investigate welfare fraud, uncovered $20,719,036 worth of food stamp fraud in South Florida over the past fiscal year.

3. Baltimore Man Sentenced to Four Years for $3.7 Million Food Stamp Fraud

A Baltimore store owner got slapped with a four-year prison sentence for carrying out $3.7 million worth of food stamp fraud.

Mohammad Shafiq, 51, was one of 14 other Baltimore-area retailers sentenced for $16 million worth of food stamp fraud, where they exchanged SNAP benefits for cash. More

Snap Fraud Indictment by Drew Scofield on Scribd

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