Foreigner Fighting ISIS Has An EPIC Message For Barack & Michelle Obama

Foreigner Fighting ISIS Has An EPIC Message For Barack & Michelle Obama

The more horrific atrocities are committed in the name of Islam, the more our politicians seek to appease and defend it, almost as if they are feeding a crocodile, hoping it will eat them last. However, while the crocodile continues to gnash and butcher, there are those who are doing more than making excuses.

Many foreign fighters have given up everything to fight against ISIS: their homes, jobs, freedom, and ultimately their lives. And as the bastion of salvation for the innocent receives no aid, assistance, or even the slightest hint of commendation, the righteous forces have grown weary of the political agenda dragged into the mix — but one man isn’t afraid to speak out.

Wealthy Nightclub Bouncer Sells Everything, Takes Up Arms Against ISIS

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Tim Locks, 38, left his comfortable life in Britain in February, joining up with a local Christian militia called “Dwekh Nawsha” to fight ISIS on the front line. Shortly after he arrived, he realized that those defending the innocent against evil are shamelessly being ignored by the most powerful leaders in the free world.

When asked how he feels about U.S. President Barack Obama’s “no complete strategy” on combating ISIS, Locks unleashed.

“Of course he’s not got a strategy to combat Daesh, neither has David Cameron,” he told Mad World News. “That’s why there are people like us out here on the front line, getting mortared and shot at on a daily basis. It’s a joke! Not only do they not want to commit people, but they won’t commit a single pound to helping us deal with the world’s biggest problem.”


“As for Michelle’s comment,” Lock said, referring to the first lady’s speech to the Islamic Mulberry School for Girls, “Seriously, what on earth can the First Lady have in common with British Muslim girls? That is quite possibly one of the most stupid comments I have ever heard,” he passionately explained to Mad World News.

“Why don’t these politicians stop with the fantasies and just, for once, put their hand in their pocket and help these people out?”

Under Islamic Sharia law, Muslim girls are forced to undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), forced marriage, beatings, face coverings, and oppressive segregation and inequality — something the elite of D.C., especially Michelle, have never experienced.

However, Locks wasn’t stopping there. He took to Facebook to comment on British Prime Minister David Cameron’s gushing over Islam’s contributions as he wished all Muslims a happy Ramadan.


But Locks wasn’t too impressed, and his understandable indigence couldn’t be more candid.

“To ‘Everyone?’ Even the ones that were firing mortars at our lines this morning? I fight shoulder to shoulder with Muslims and many of my best friends are, in fact Muslim, but by using the term ‘everyone,’ does that actually mean, Mr. Cameron, that you are sending best wishes to people that are trying to kill, alongside thousands of others, me – a British Citizen?” More

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