Former CIA Director Just Named This ‘Big Threat’ That Could ‘Paralyze’ America

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Former CIA Director Just Named This ‘Big Threat’ That Could ‘Paralyze’ America

This threat is different than, but similarly destructive to, a concern recently raised by two GOP presidential candidates.

According to recent comments by Barry Royden, who previously headed the CIA’s counterintelligence division, there is an often-neglected and difficult-to-prevent threat poised to bring the U.S. to its knees.

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In a warning published by Business Insider among other media outlets, Royden elaborated on the potentially catastrophic implications of a cyberattack against America. First of all, he said, the dependence we have on technology makes the effects of such an attack unavoidable.

“The trouble is,” he said, “it’s extremely difficult – in fact, it’s impossible. Everyone is connected to everyone; and as long as you’re connected, you’re vulnerable.”

Even firewalls designed to shield against such attacks are not impervious, he warned, explaining the lingering threat constitutes a “nightmare” scenario.

“You have to think that other governments have the capability to bring down the main computer systems in this country: power grids, hospitals, or banking systems – things that could cause great economic upheaval and paralyze the country.”

The mutually assured destruction that nations involved in cyberattacks would face, Royden noted, “would almost be like a nuclear standoff.”

While traditional forms of terrorism remain high on the list of concerns for millions of Americans, Royden’s warning was one of several in recent days pointing out more infrequently discussed – but similarly destructive – threats. More

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