Former Navy SEAL To General ➠ Disobey Obama If Necessary And Have Bergdahl Trial ➠ Video

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Former Navy SEAL To General: Disobey Obama If Necessary And Have Bergdahl Trial (Video)

Deserter Bowe Bergdahl poses with an Islamist during his stay with the Taliban.

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Carl Higbie, former U.S. Navy SEAL and author of “Battle on the Home Front,” joined Steve Malzberg to discuss his take on the Bowe Bergdahl fallout as well as the latest from the battle against ISIS.

Higbie told Steve there are safeguards in place to assure that if you have a gripe against your commanders in the field that the Army is required to investigate the charges. So, the White House argument that Bergdahl left base to search for another unit to complain to is ridiculous.

Higbie added this on the Bowe Bergdahl investigation:

“I call on the general, right now, who is ever overseeing this to make sure this goes to trial no matter what. And if you have to disobey a direct order from the president, do it.”

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