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Fox News’ Taxpayer Calculator: How Much Are YOU Paying For Planned Parenthood?


Since two videos surfaced showing Planned Parenthood executives engaged in selling the parts of aborted babies, several lawmakers have been trying to defund the organization.

Fox News delved into figuring out how much of the average American’s money goes toward the $500 million in annual funding the group receives from the federal government.

An article published Monday even included a handy calculator so Americans can figure out their own contribution to the nation’s largest abortion provider.


Here’s a sample: Individuals making between $50,000 and $100,000 paid just $15.51 toward Planned Parenthood. However, those making more than that paid considerably more. Individuals making above $250,000 have paid, on average, roughly $420 toward the organization.


Planned Parenthood, though, is fighting back against efforts to strip federal funding. Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards, in her first live interview regarding the controversy, on Sunday said the organization has broken no laws and slammed the group that produced the videos, the Center for Medical Progress.


Because, of course, that’s easier than explaining its own actions or explaining to the American people why they are paying for it.



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