Fraud ➠ Activist Petition To Recall #Ferguson Mayor Fails For Lack Of Valid Signatures

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Fraud: Activist Petition To Recall #Ferguson Mayor Fails For Lack Of Valid Signatures

Fake and invalid signatures = epic fail.


FERGUSON, Mo. — A petition to recall the mayor of Ferguson lacks the required number of valid signatures, according to the St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners.


A group called Ground Level Support delivered the petition to recall Mayor James Knowles on May 28th, saying they had 400 more than the 1,800 signatures required. All signatures must be from Ferguson residents who were registered to vote during the last mayoral election.


The St. Louis County Board of Education Commissioners began verifying the signatures’ validity the day the petition was turned in. Tuesday, the board announced the required number of valid signatures was not met. It says of the 2,133 signatures submitted, only 1,008 were valid.


The reasons for being invalidated include:


19 were blank lines

65 had no address
65 had no signature
562 were not registered in St. Louis County
366 were registered in St. Louis County, but not in Ferguson
18 had the wrong signature (they were not close to the signature in the voter database)
30 signatures were duplicates KMore

The folks behind the petition, ‘Ground Level Support’, which is another wing of the protesters, acknowledge they have had ‘outside support’. has previously asked people for money for GLS’s work.

GLA and MAU (Millenial Activists United) were also paying people to collect signatures for the recall:
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Yet still they failed.

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