Delusional Frederica Wilson Goes On Rant & Accuses Gen. Kelly Of Using ‘Racist Term’

I would say she should be ashamed of herself, but obviously, she has no shame at all. He said words she doesn’t agree with and doesn’t even know the meaning of… therefore it must be racist. Just like Maxine Water she wants as much national exposure as she can generate. Just pathetic!

It’s such a racist term she’s never heard of it before and has to look it up? Protip: empty barrel to a military man means you have no ammo in your gun and no reality in what you say. And p.s. you’re a bit late on bringing back the girls. –WZ

Biz Pac Review: Hours after saying she would have no more comments on the self-serving spectacle Frederica Wilson created around the tragic death of a Green Beret, she was back at it on CNN with a salacious charge against Gen. John Kelly.

The Florida Democrat ramped up the rhetoric on Friday to extend her 15 minutes of fame and accused the White House Chief of Staff of racism for using the term “empty barrel” when describing her in a press conference on Thursday.

“That’s a racist term, too. I’m thinking about that one. We looked it up in the dictionary because I had never heard of an empty barrel. And I don’t like to be dragged into something like that,” she said. “The only thing I want to be dragged into right now is getting back our girls who are the victims of Boko Haram in Nigeria.” More

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Ouch! Newt SLAMS Rep. Wilson: Can’t Figure Out Time Has Come to Keep Her Mouth Shut (Video)

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