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Frustrated Israelis Liken Obama to Hard-Hearted Biblical Tyrant

Frustrated Israelis Liken Obama to Hard-Hearted Biblical Tyrant

Israelis frustrated with President Barack Obama have begun comparing him to the tyrannical Egyptian Pharaoh depicted in the biblical Book of Exodus.

The composite image posted on Amir Benayoun's Facebook page along with the song comparing President Obama with Egypt's hard-hearted Pharaoh. (Image source: Facebook)

In a new song called “Pharaoh Obama” released this week, Israeli recording artist Amir Benayoun sings: “King of the world, stupid president, the people of Israel you’ll never be able to erase.”

“The new Pharaoh, a Muslim version, who wants to wipe out my people with all his might,” Benayoun sings.

The song warns that appeasing Iran by compromising over its nuclear program will backfire: “It will all come back at you. Right into your face. Your friends the Iranians will be the first to surprise you.”

The chorus goes:

Pharaoh Obama
Pharaoh Obama
The same really bad style but with a suit
Pharaoh Obama
Pharaoh Obama
The same style but with no wrapping


It’s not only Benayoun — a prominent and controversial activist for Israel’s far right-wing — who has compared Obama to the hard-hearted Pharaoh who ordered the killing of all first-born Jewish males and even after facing plague after plague would not soften his stance to free his Jewish slaves; the theme has been shared by Israelis on social media and in the comment sections of widely read news sites.

Here are some examples:

• A comment on the NRG news site: “Obama=Pharaoh. We survived Pharaoh. We’ll survive Obama.”

• A comment on the Facebook page of the right-leaning Ma’ariv newspaper: “Interesting that end of days prophesies will come true in the end thanks to Pharaoh Hussein Obama.”

• On Walla, a popular Israeli website, a commenter wrote: “Obama is the Pharaoh of modern times. May his name be obliterated forever.”

That commenter used the phrase “Ymach Shemo” — may his name be obliterated forever — a curse often placed after the names of historical figures who have been enemies of the Jews, such as Hitler. More



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