Gen. Jack Keane: Radical Islamist Terrorists In Pursuit Of WMD (Video)

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Are we doing enough to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists?

Fox News military analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) broke down the answer on Happening Now.

“Not even close. Let’s put the facts on the table. Radical Islam has morphed into a global jihad,” said Gen. Keane, chairman of the Institute of the Study of War.

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He said “the casualties” by radical Islamists have “increased dramatically … and the reason for that is more countries, more frequency, and the weapons are getting deadlier.”

“They are in pursuit of any WMD [weapon of mass destruction]that they get their hands on, and they have told us time and time again that they will use it,” Gen. Keane said.

The nuclear summit, he added, “is a perfect time” to organize all the participating countries “in an effort to undermine the political and religious ideology of radical Islam.”

“After all, they have a global effort – the radical Islamists – but we do not have any,” said Gen. Keane.

“We’re just patting ourselves on the back at that nuclear summit, and trying to keep materials out of their hands, but there’s no effort to engage them in that comprehensive way it should be done.” More

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