German Officials: 2/3 Of Migrants Basically Illiterate… Teaching Them Will Cost The Country Millions

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How to destroy the German nation in less than a year by Merkel…

Germany, a country of 80 million, received over one million migrants and unvetted “refugees” in 2015.Chancellor Angela Merkel is expecting another million migrants this year.

Another 91,671 migrants entered Germany in January of this year despite ice snow and freezing temperatures.

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German officials are concerned that nearly two-thirds of the migrants are illiterate. Teaching the foreigners to become productive members of society will cost the country millions.

Breitbart London reported:

A senior German academic has joined the chorus of voices expressing concern over the low educational standards of newly arriving migrants, and the significant knock-on effects that is bound to have on the German educational system.


President of the University of Hamburg and chairman of the German Educational Action Council Dieter Lenzen has pointed to the enormous cost of teaching hundreds of thousands of newcomers basic language skills, pointing in particular to the Syrian community. While the proportion of Syrians arriving and claiming to have university degrees — around 15 per cent — isn’t much below the German population as a whole, the vast majority of the remaining 85 per cent are in a significantly worse state, unable even to perform basic tasks like reading a bus timetable.


Outlining the scale of the challenge and the lack of ability of most Syrians arriving in Europe, President Lenzen said: “the problem is the 65 per cent of an age group that can operate only on reading comprehension level one by the PISA test”, reports N24.


The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) test is a standard form of measuring intellectual ability and at level one suggests that the majority of Syrian “refugees” are unable to complete “basic reading tasks” such as “Locating straightforward information” or “Making low-level inferences”.


President Lenzen told media he estimated around two thirds of these arrivals had no qualifications at all from their home nation. He estimated giving migrants German lessons to get them to a point where they could become productive members of society would cost some €80,000 a year for a class of 25, with classes needed for some two and a half years.

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