German Town Overrun By Migrants Gets EPIC Payback!

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Germany has been one countries most affected by the Syrian refugee crisis with over one million refugees pouring into the country last year under Chancellor Angela Merkel’s highly controversial “open door” policy.

As violence, rape and other crimes are on the rise in areas where refugees have settled, many communities have fought back and citizens have protested, but nothing has seemed to garner enough attention from German leaders to actually put a stop to the madness.

One small town recently decided to show Merkel that they have had enough by sending a bus full of Syrian refugees to the chancellor’s office to protest her liberal immigration policies.

Bavarian district chief Peter Dreier said his town was reeling from the effect of the migrant deluge.

“It’s time we set a limit,” the local citizens had told him, according to Yahoo News. “We are trying to help these people integrate. But that won’t work if this year we face another wave of one million, or even more.”

But, Merkel once again spit in the face on her own people. Even though Merkel reportedly knew about Dreier’s plan, when the bus carrying 31 Syrian men with asylum status arrived at the government building, government officials were nowhere to be found. Instead, they were only met by the media.

Officials refused to take the refugees, and Dreier was eventually forced to personally pay for their hotel accommodations, as a government spokesman said in a statement that housing refugees was the responsibility of local governments using federal funds.

Some critics have accused Dreier’s bus trip of being a “publicity stunt,” but the district chief said that it was actually an “act of desperation.”

“(T)here is no end in sight to the wave of refugees, and our country’s ability to house them in a dignified way is deteriorating rapidly,” he noted.

He also expressed frustration over Merkel’s refusal to get involved, calling it “an attempt to ignore and negate” the problem, according to Yahoo News. More

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