Germans Are Fed Up… Respond To Migrant Crisis In Epic Way By ‘Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands’

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The number of licences for ‘small weapons’ in Germany rose by 21,000 over the month of January, pushing the total number of papers held across the Federal Republic to 301,000.

Fed up with the migrant crisis causing chaos and violence in their country, it seems Germans are finally attempting to take matters into their own hands. New statistics are emerging that should send a strong message to the refugees and the country’s leaders alike. The German people are fed up, and they’re doing something about it.

Europe has been highly critical of their civilians’ rights to self-defense, even after the mass shooting by Islamic extremists in Paris last year and the violent rapes that have become a scourge across the continent. Green politician, security committee member, and former policewoman Irene Mihalic from Germany has been openly vocal that guns are “provocative.” But that hasn’t stopped the German civilians from requesting licenses to own guns — and they are arming up to protect themselves against the migrants who have ravaged their country with violence.

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The number may seem small to us, but considering Germany’s stringent gun laws and lower population, the increase of 21,000 permits in January alone is poignant and due to the insecurity caused by the violent migrants the German government has allowed into the Federal Republic. The rise in permits pushes the total number of papers held across the Federal Republic to 301,000.

But that still hasn’t stopped the politicians from denouncing guns as a practical method of self-defense, and not one person should be surprised, especially as governments are constantly showing themselves as enemies of our rights, freedom, and safety.

“Imagine that during major event like a carnival, if people acted rashly a weapon might only provoke chaos and violence… when more and more people carry weapons, it is more likely to contribute to escalation than calm situations,” said Mihalic.

However, thanks to an almost complete ban on real operating guns in Germany, the small arms licenses only refer to blank firing pistols and deterrent self-defense pistols, in other words – fake guns. They would be more effectively used as clubs than real weapons, and sadly, most criminals and migrants probably know this. More

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