Teen Danish Girl Faces Charges For Using Pepper Spray To Fend Off Rapist… After Perp Gets Away!

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How far should one be allowed to go to defend themselves? That should seem like an easy answer for anyone with an ounce of common sense. Unfortunately, common sense is a scarce resource in our world today, and proving that is the case of a 17-year-old girl who successfully prevented a sexual attack against her. Now, she’s facing possible charges, while her attacker is still alive and free. More

Via The Local:

A 17-year-old girl who was physically and sexually attacked in Sønderborg will herself face charges for using pepper spray to fend off her assailant.

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The teenager told police that she was attacked in central Sønderborg on Wednesday at around 10pm by an English-speaking man in dark clothing. She said the man knocked her to the ground and then unbuttoned her pants and attempted to undress her.


The girl was able to save herself from further assault by using pepper spray on the attacker, but now she may be the one who ends up in legal trouble.


“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd.


The case has sparked a backlash among some Danes who point to increasing reports of sexual harassment in Sønderborg and other Danish cities at the same time that police say they are stretched too thin to properly carry out their duties. More

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