Giuliani ➠ ‘We’ve Made A Deal With A Homicidal Maniac’

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Rudy Giuliani on Iran Nuclear Deal: ‘We’ve Made a Deal With a Homicidal Maniac’

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani reacted on “Your World” to the nuclear agreement with Iran, stating that he doesn’t trust the Iranian leadership.

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Giuliani said the idea that we’re going to be able to properly inspect Iran’s nuclear sites is totally belied by history.

He explained that Iran has been caught enriching uranium a number of times in the past despite claiming that they weren’t.

“Why would you make a deal with someone who’s lied to you before?” Giuliani asked.

Stuart Varney asked Giuliani why he thinks President Obama was pushing so hard for this deal to happen.

“You never make a good deal when you want it too badly,” Giuliani said. “He wanted this deal too badly, and Iran got everything it wanted … We’ve got nothing but Iran’s word, which is worth nothing.”

He added that this agreement is “completely, astronomically irresponsible.”

“We’ve made a deal with a murderer, with a homicidal maniac, the Ayatollah of Iran,” Giuliani stated. “He’s killing hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands of his people. He has killed thousands and thousands of people.”

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