Go Daddy Fires Shot In War Against Christianity!

Go Daddy Vs Keith

Go Daddy Fires Shot In War Against Christianity

Go Daddy, the Internet domain registry company out of Scottsdale, Arizona, decided to fire a shot in a growing war against Christianity.

In Spring of 2014, Keith Connolly applied for a position at Go Daddy after being approached by one of their company recruiters. He held some reservations in applying for the Mobile IOS Developer position because of the company making a name for themselves using risqué commercials. The recruiter encouraged him to apply, telling him the company was working to “change its persona.”

Keith completed several phases of interviews and thought the process was going well. Ultimately, Keith received an email rejection, which was obtained by Politistick. The Company thanked him for applying but stated that they felt his skill set was not a strong enough match.

Keith Rejection Letter

Unfortunately for Go Daddy, they also forwarded the message they attached to the Go Daddy recruitment team.

Go Daddy Discrimination

Although it’s hard to read in the photo above, it states that Go Daddy took direct issue with the fact that Keith was overweight and Christian. They openly state this in the forward, which read as follows:

“about keith he’s great for the job in skills but he looks worse for wear do we really want an obeese christian? is that what our new image requries  of us” (Lack of punctuation and misspellings retained from the forwarded message.)

The email comes from the desk of the Go Daddy Recruitment Team to Katie Lyell, who was the Senior Technical Recruiter for Go Daddy out of an office in Sunnyvale, California from April 2012 until October 2013. The Go Daddy Recruitment Team openly tells Lyell that they thought Keith had the skills for the job, but they didn’t think an “obese Christian” was a good fit.

Keith states he has battled with weight issues for many years and it is the result of a childhood tumor that kept him from being able to walk properly until he was an adult. While it upset him that they discriminated against the weight, he was more upset about the attack on his faith.

“I’m a very, very religious person and being Christian is a huge part of who I am,” he said “So when you’re attacking not only how I look but my faith (too) it’s a double whammy.” (KTAR)

Keith said the email left him embarrassed and depressed. He didn’t tell anyone about the email until it was too late. His attorney, Casey Yontz, stated that they wanted to take action against Go Daddy for the blatant discrimination, but it was past the statute of limitations because he was too embarrassed to show anyone for a year. They instead reached out to Go Daddy for a simple apology. More


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