Google Targets Israel Yet Again


Google Targets Israel Yet Again

How much does Google want to support Barack Obama as he targets Israel and supports the Palestinians? This much; the Google news page, which has separate categories for “World,” U.S.,” “Science,” “Entertainment,” “Technology,” “Health,” “Sports,” and “Business,” managed to squeeze a story about the Palestinians demanding the U.S. “reassess” its relations with Israel on its top news page by listing it under “Business,” although there was virtually nothing in the article about business. Underneath that lead story were numerous stories ripping Israel. Apparently if Google can’t fit in it’s anti-Israel agenda in the normal venues, it will find a way to do so elsewhere.

Google has made its support of the Palestinians clear for years; Andre Oboler, writing for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs in 2008, said of Google Earth:

Virtual Israel, as represented by Google Earth, is littered with orange dots, many of which claim to represent “Palestinian localities evacuated and destroyed after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war.” Thus, Israel is depicted as a state born out of colonial conquest rather than the return of a people from exile. Each dot links to the “Palestine Remembered” site, where further information advancing this narrative can be obtained.


Many of the claims staked out in Google Earth present misinformation, and sites known to be ruins in 1946 are claimed to be villages destroyed in 1948. Arab villages which still exist today are listed as sites of destruction. The Google Earth initiative is not only creating a virtual Palestine, it is creating a falsification of history.


The concept of “replacement geography” replaces the historical connection of one people to the land with a connection between another people and the land. The inclusion of virtual Palestine, superimposed on Israel in the core layer of Google Earth, is an example of replacement geography advanced by technology. More

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