GOP Readies Bill For Congressional Review Of Iran Deal

GOP Readies Bill For Congressional Review Of Iran Deal


GOP Readies Bill For Congressional Review Of Iran Deal

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-California, second in power in the House only to Speaker John Boehner, said on Monday that he intends to support a  Senate proposal that would allow Congress to review the current deal the Obama Administration is negotiating with Iran, according to CNN.

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McCarthy is wasting not time; he told reporters, “It’s my intention to bring it to the floor of the House and move it.” Earlier Monday, McCarthy conversed with the bill’s sponsor Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker of Tennessee, who was confident the bill was moving quickly in the Senate.

Even some Democrats are backing the bill, including Chuck Schumer of New York, who is presently the third-most powerful Democrat in the Senate. If the bill passes, it would ban Obama from waiving sanctions on Iran that Congrees had implemented while Congress voted on the proposal.

McCarthy was unsure as to whether he could muster enough votes in the House if Obama vetoed the bill, but he asserted that if the Senate endorsed the bill strongly, it could put pressure on House members to override the presidential veto. More

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