‘Gotta Pay Our Bills’ Cheapskate Clinton’s Tell Donors ‘Find Your Own Lunch’

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“Gotta Pay Our Bills” Cheapskate Clintons Tell Donors ‘Find Your Own Lunch’

Gotta love it, take money from the donors, treat them poorly and then tell them you’re doing it to be economical. Because people who make millions and claim to be dead broke are known for their economy…

Via NY Times

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Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign may be wooing donors in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn on Thursday, but there will be no free lunch.


The first national finance summit meeting that Mrs. Clinton will hold for her “Hillstarters” — people who’ve bundled 10 checks of $2,700 — will take place at Liberty Warehouse, an upscale wedding and bar mitzvah venue along the waterfront, with views of the Statue of Liberty, according to its website.


The briefing for hundreds of donors will begin in the afternoon, and the campaign is offering people a tour of their decidedly grungy headquarters at 1 Pierrepont Plaza in the morning. But in between, attendees will be left fending for themselves, in terms of food. More

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