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Government Seizes Sheriff’s Armored Vehicle At Behest Of Obama

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Tracked armored vehicles are defensive in nature. They have no offensive capabilities.


The federal government, under orders from President Barack Obama, seized military surplus vehicles from Calhoun County, Alabama Sheriff Larry Amerson Wednesday.

For over 20 years, under the federal government’s 10-33 program, the Defense Department distributed military surplus equipment and vehicles to local law enforcement, such as the Calhoun County sheriff’s department.

However, following the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore over law enforcement shootings, Obama recalled military equipment and gear through an executive order. All vehicles from the program that were deemed too “militaristic looking” were to be confiscated from local law enforcement all over the country.

Equipment on the federal government’s prohibited list are tracked armored vehicles; weaponized aircraft, vessels and vehicles; .50-caliber firearms and ammunition; bayonets; camouflage uniforms and grenade launchers. More



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