Gun-Related Deaths Of Police Skyrocket… Up 900 Percent This Year

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Gun-related police officer deaths have skyrocketed this year.

Data from the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund shows firearm-related deaths of law enforcement officers are up 900 percent. In 2016, at least 10 officers have died in gun-related incidents, but the same time last year, only one officer had died.

Despite the increase in gun-related deaths, the total number of deaths is lower than the same time last year, but that is largely because many more law enforcement officers died in traffic incidents. In 2015, eight officers had been killed in traffic incidents by this time last year, but only two have died so far this year, according to the data.

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California, Georgia, Illinois, Mississippi, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon and Utah have lost one officer in 2016. Maryland and Colorado have seen two deaths each. More

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