Gun Shop In Heart Of Lib Land Has A Name That Is Causing HEATED Controversy. Now This Could Happen To It…


“We don’t control how other people are offended…”


A small gun shop in downtown St. Croix Falls, Wis., could soon come under pressure from the city council to change its name that a number of residents have said they find offensive — the store’s name is F-Bomb Ordnance.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that the newly opened retail store with its website printed on the windows — — has drawn complaints that the euphemism for a certain expletive isn’t appropriate for a public area.

“During an unusually packed-house city council meeting last week, about a dozen people spoke out against the signage, Mayor Brian Blesi said.

“‘Residents have expressed that our nuisance ordinance contains language that this graphic violates,’ he said, adding that the city council will take up the issue during a meeting Monday,” according to the Pioneer Press article.

One of the owners of the store whose name has caused an explosion of controversy in the small Wisconsin town is Dr. Geoff Gorres. The newspaper quotes him as defending the name of his business as a First Amendment right.

“…’we don’t control how other people are offended,’ he said. ‘There are a lot of things that offend me in America, and I just have to deal with them,’” reports the Pioneer Press.

Coverage of the controversy on TheBlaze notes that Dr. Gorres says the store won’t be moving or changing its name.

…Gorres, who is also an emergency room physician and a U.S. Navy veteran, said the fact that his shop sells firearms “absolutely” is a factor in the controversy. He clarified, “If the name of our business was F-bomb Records, I don’t think that we’d be having this discussion.”

The store’s website cites the close association the business enjoys with a number of retired military and active law enforcement personnel.

Our principal members are military veterans or active law enforcement officers – one of our members is head of the Response/SWAT team in the region locally. Another was a Air Force Special Tactics Veteran. We have a network of law enforcement and military members we’ve been supplying for years….

CBS Minnesota notes that the discussion at Monday night’s city council meeting in the small western Wisconsin town with some 2,000 residents will center on the store’s possible violation of a certain ordinance.

“The question is, ‘Can that be displayed prominently on our main street?’ and so that’s the question really in front of the city council,” [Mayor] Blesi said.

On Monday, the city council will decide if having the name on the business violates the city’s nuisance ordinance.


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