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Gun-Toting Good Samaritan Thwarts Carjacking At Georgia Car Wash

Gun-Toting Good Samaritan Thwarts Carjacking

Gun-Toting Good Samaritan Thwarts Carjacking at Georgia Car Wash

A Georgia man with a concealed-carry license is being hailed as a hero after preventing an attempted carjacking and possibly saving a woman’s life.

The harrowing incident was caught on surveillance camera at Fast Track Car Wash in Smyrna, Georgia, on Friday afternoon.

When a teenager tried to steal a woman’s car, she jumped on the hood to try and stop him from driving away. Witnesses say that prompted the alleged thief to speed up.

A gun-toting bystander saw the chaos unfolding and drew his weapon, shooting the thief in the shoulder.

“The guy that got shot, he was falling out of the car and he was holding his chest. And he started shivering and shaking, and then he kind of flopped on the ground,” witness Chris Roberts said.

The armed bystander, a Smyrna city employee, held the alleged carjacker at gunpoint until police arrived.

The suspect was transported to the hospital. He will be charged with felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor theft by taking of a motor vehicle.

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