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Gutfeld Monologue ➠ Hillary’s Supporters Think Any Criticism Of Her Is Sexist

Gutfeld Monologue ➠ Hillary's Supporters Think Any Criticism Of Her Is Sexist

Gutfeld: Hillary’s Supporters Think Any Criticism of Her Is Sexist

Greg Gutfeld tonight took on a political piece that suggested that Hillary Clinton should not be called by just her first name because it reinforces gender stereotypes.

“The Five” co-host said that some of Clinton’s supporters label any criticism of her as sexist.

“If you called her secretive, that’s sexist. If you called her entitled, that’s sexist,” Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld quipped that calling Clinton “Hillary” is degrading and demeaning, and hasn’t she had enough of that? After all, she’s married to Bill.

“The solution? How about her maiden name: Ms. Rodham. That’s great, but wait… Rodham – rod, and ham? It’s sexist and anti-Muslim!” he said.

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