Gutfeld On Concealed Carry Permits ➠ ‘Only A Piece Brings The Peace’

Gutfeld On Concealed Carry Permits ➠ 'Only A Piece Brings The Peace'

Gutfeld on Concealed Carry Permits: ‘Only a Piece Brings the Peace’

Greg Gutfeld tonight weighed in on a surge in Detroit’s concealed carry permits, remarking that you can’t blame residents for wanting to protect themselves.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig recently told NPR that liberalized gun laws have made it easier to get concealed carry permits, and he doesn’t mind.

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“Here in Detroit, people didn’t have a lot of confidence that when they dialed 911, that the police were going to show up,” Craig said.

“You can’t blame people for wanting to protect themselves,” Gutfeld said. “As they see the reality of law enforcement: that law is enforced only after the law shows up. That can be a problem if you’re already dead.”

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