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Gutfeld Slams Media for Recasting Cuba’s ‘Past Pain As Charming’

Gutfeld Slams Media for Recasting Cuba's 'Past Pain As Charming'

Gutfeld Slams Media for Recasting Cuba’s ‘Past Pain as Charming’

Greg Gutfeld tonight slammed the media’s apparent concern that lifting our Cuba embargo will ruin the communist nation’s charm.

He took on those in the media who have recast Cuba’s “past pain as charming,” remarking that CNN International’s James Williams and Daisy Carrington have advised tourists to visit Cuba before its decaying infrastructure disappears. He also cited MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry’s comment that American tourists “can be a plague on the rest of the world.”

“And so instead, they look at awful buildings and think, ‘What a great picture for my wall!’ They see chipped paint peeling from rancid hotels and think, ‘Character! I can’t wait to tell my friends in New York how authentic this is. Maybe I’ll get married here!’ They don’t see the abject poverty of those working in these conditions or the pain communism caused or the tyrants responsible. Yes, the very dictators that the American left so admired, who kept this suffering alive as they hoarded the good stuff for themselves.”

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