Gutfeld Sounds Off On Rolling Stone For UVA Story Retraction

Gutfeld Sounds Off On Rolling Stone For UVA Story Retraction

Gutfeld Sounds Off on Rolling Stone For UVA Story Retraction

Greg Gutfeld weighed in tonight on “The Five” about the Rolling Stone magazine retracting a discredited story on Sunday.

An independent review, done by the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism at Rolling Stone’s request, dubbed the story about an alleged gang rape at a University of Virginia fraternity house a “journalistic failure at every level.”

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“The magazine says they were tricked by the accuser, but they were tricked by their own biases,” Gutfeld said. “They wanted to believe. You’ve heard the saying ‘it’s too good to be true.’ This story was too good to be fact checked.”

Gutfeld wondered if anyone will believe future victims, adding that “we used to hate hoaxes, but now they raise awareness.”

“Even if it didn’t happen there at UVA, it probably happened somewhere,” he said. “For if it’s credible, truth is irrelevant.”

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