Guy Rapes Little Girl ➠ Later Her Mother Pounced On The Pervert Like A Spider Monkey, Beating Him To The Ground

Guy Rapes Little Girl In Elevator, But Didn’t Realize Who Her Mama Was

Guy Rapes Little Girl In Elevator, But Didn't Realize Who Her Mama Was

Surveillance footage of the perpetrator

A little girl’s day took a turn for the worst when she was intercepted on the elevator in her Maryland apartment building by a pervert with sinister intentions. The black male attacker took advantage of the opportunity he had alone with the 12-year-old child and forced her to perform sex acts on him before the elevator arrived to her floor, and she was finally set free.

By the time the little girl could report the assault to her mother, the pedophile managed to scurry away back to the rat hole he came from, but not for long. When he came back out of hiding, the girl’s mad mother would make him pay.

On Friday, two days after the sex assault took place, officers had yet to make an arrest or even get a name of who the dirty suspect was. The mother, whose name has been withheld to protect the daughter’s identity, was walking through the parking lot outside their apartment building with the victimized girl when she spotted her attacker. Without hesitation, the mother took off running and pounced on the pervert like a spider monkey, beating him to the ground in an act of swift street justice, ABC 7 reported.

She told Maryland Bureau Chief Brad Bell, “I had to protect my daughter. I was very angry. I’m still very angry.”

Unfortunately, the man managed to escape her wrath and still remains at large. But sooner or later karma will inevitably catch up to him. Meanwhile, the mother was able to get a good detailed description of him and hopes it will lead to his arrest. She told police the perpetrator was a black man between the ages of 18-23, with ratty dreadlocks, and a specific tattoo on his neck that said “blessed,” along with a star on each shoulder. More

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