Hah-Hah! Mighty #ISIS Releases Comical Pole Vaulting Video

isis pole vaultHah-Hah! Mighty #ISIS Releases Comical Pole Vaulting Video

The official ISIS media channel released a bizarre training video today.

The intent of the video was to impress upon the infidels the athletic prowess of the mighty ISIS warrior.
But instead it will have you laughing out loud

The video introduces you to the Mighty ISIS pole vault team.
Sacling concrete walls–

Nothing will hold back the Mighty ISIS team.
isis pole vault 2

Small indoor windows are no challenge for the Mighty ISIS pole vault team.
isis pole vault 3

Lookie!  The Mighty ISIS team can rappel too.
ISIS rappel

Two mighty warriors can rappel at the same time!
isis rappel 2

They threw this in – Mighty ISIS rappels building after tossing gay infidel from roof.
isis rappel gay

You can watch the entire training video here.
It really is too funny!

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