Hands Up, Don’t Report ➠ New Video Destroys Ferguson Coverage

Hands Up, Don't Report ➠ New Video Destroys Ferguson Coverage

Hands Up, Don’t Report: New Video Destroys Ferguson Coverage

The Media Research Center released a powerful and devastating video Friday addressing what Eric Holder would call a “false narrative” that took hold regarding Ferguson: the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” myth. The fable of the innocent victim raising his hands and being gunned down by police was false from the start, and has since been thoroughly debunked. Even Chris Hayes himself has been forced to admit as much.

Now it is time for the autopsy, and MRC has it nailed. How did this false narrative take hold? The video answers, and most Truth Revolt readers already know the answer. It took hold because the media wanted it to.

This video is an object lesson, both in media malpractice, and how people can fight back by exposing the truth, as the MRC has done here.


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