Hannity: I’m Hearing It Was Either Comey Or Mccabe Who Paid For The Phony Dossier! (Video)

BOOM! Time’s up for James Comey & Andrew Mccabe!

The purpose of all that shrieking about “Russian collusion” was to divert our attention from the collusion amongst our own Federal law enforcement and security agencies. This is like something you would see in a 3rd world country or Russia.

The moment that the information can be verified, the Mueller investigation MUST be terminated, indictments arranged and suspects rounded up.

Sean Hannity told his audience he heard either former FBI Director James Comey or FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe paid for the phony Trump dossier that was then used by US intelligence officials to spy on Trump.

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Sara Carter reported earlier tonight the FBI gained approval to surveil members of Trump’s campaign by using the bogus Russia dossier.

Sean Hannity said McCabe or Comey paid for the phony dossier!

Sean Hannity: I’m hearing from sources that either Comey or McCabe paid. Do you hear the same.Sara Carter: I’m hearing both stories Sean. Read more at TGP.

This is going to get a lot more outrageous before it’s all done. And to some of us are tempted to ask: “How could these people possibly be so arrogant to think they were going to get away with this?”

We just have to keep in mind two little things: First, they thought none of this would ever have seen the light of day because Hillary would be elected… and secondly, she was a sure thing. I guess the joke is on them!

Sean is exactly right about the politicization of every agency, the courts, media, and every other supposedly non-partisan organization in Washington D.C.

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