Hannity Talks To Detroit Woman Who Bravely Fought Off Four Home Invaders

hih CaptureSean Hannity Talks to Detroit Woman Who Bravely Fought Off Four Home Invaders

Sean Hannity talked to the courageous Detroit woman who was shot in the leg while defending her home against four burglars.

Dietta “Ms. Dee” Gueye  told Hannity she woke up early one morning last week as one of the burglars broke through her bedroom window and climbed into her home.

Gueye stated she raised her hands as the assailant approached her with the gun.

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“Now, I’m thinking to myself, fast and quick, how am I going to get to my gun?” Gueye stated.

Suddenly she heard her other bedroom window breaking and witnessed more men entering her home.

“Now, I done finally touched the barrel of my gun and I just went to shooting,” she said.

Gueye said she was unsure if she shot any of the men.

She further stated that unfortunately this wasn’t the first time her home had been targeted for robbery. More

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