Harvey Weinstein Slapped In The Face, Cursed At & Kicked Out Of Restaurant (Video)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! This is what happens when powerful people are protected. When honest citizens see that there is a dual-track justice system. Is this just a preview of things to come if powerful crooks aren’t jailed for their crimes?

Harvey Weinstein was slapped in his face and cursed at as he was leaving a Scottsdale, AZ restaurant and TMZ caught the whole thing on video.

TMZ: (language warning)

Harvey Weinstein was spotted at Tuesday night at Elements restaurant in Scottsdale wearing a beanie and t-shirt perhaps in an attempt to be incognito. He got a double slap to the face as he was shouted down in the restaurant.

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“Get the f*** out of here! You’re a piece of sh*t! You f***ing abuse women, get the f*** out of here!” screamed a man named Steve who slapped Weinstein in the face twice. Weinstein stumbled and had a look of shock on his face.

One of Weinstein’s friends tried blocking the camera asked the man named Steve, “and what are you going to do about it?”, Steve responded with, “shut the f*** up!”

The patrons seemed unbothered.

According to TMZ, Steve claims Weinstein was belligerent when he approached him. Steve also told TMZ he had a bit too much to drink that night.

Weinstein did not report the incident to the police.

The disgraced Hollywood producer is under investigation for allegedly raping several women over a span of decades. It has been reported that his arrest is imminent. Read more at TGP.

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