Haunting Footage Of Crazed ISIS Militant Released After Attack Left 38 Dead

The haunting moment the crazed gunmen ran off after slaughtering 38 innocent people by gunpoint in Tunisia has been released to the public. Seifeddine Rezgui, the 23 year-old ISIS militant, was caught on video running away from the scene of the brutal attack by a tourist in a balcony.

In the two-minute clip, you see Rezgui running along the water’s edge dressed in black, carrying the AK 47 he used in the violent attack. The footage was released by the Tunisian police after an officer revealed that he killed the assassin using only “two bullets.”

Haunting Footage Of Crazed Tunisian Gunman After Brutal Attack Released

Seifeddine Rezgui after being shot by police

The policeman, who wished to keep his identity a secret, said that he spotted the crazed gunman praying on a side street before he shot the man twice. “I put two bullets in him,” the unidentified policeman said.

Before the shooting, witnesses state that Rezgui was seen laughing and carrying on with other beachgoers, acting as any other tourist would that day, when in all actuality he was picking out the victims he would murder with his weapon carefully tucked into his umbrella. During his rampage of terror, the selective killer told some people to run away, while murdering others in cold blood.

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqpqV_Y8rI8?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent&w=720&h=479]

After the murderous rampage where 38 were killed and 36 people were seriously injured, the victims’ families are looking for answers. Reguzi was known to authorities for “low-level radicalism” and was only stopped by police for smoking cannabis.

It was confirmed that Reguzi was an active member of a radical group called Islamic Youth and was also a member of different mosques that were known to have radical teachings. It was also revealed that Reguzi was working with ISIS, and his jihad name was Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani, which translates to “Our brother, the soldier of the Caliphate.”


A man prays after laying flowers on the beach where 38 people were killed

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