Hyundai’s Heartwarming Super Bowl Ad (Video)

Awesome! They did such a great thing for three U.S. Service members and their families.

What a great message… Appreciate our military and unite them with their loved ones!


The commercial was shot in a suite at Super Bowl LI and at an undisclosed overseas military base where Hyundai built “360-degree immersive pods,” which “allowed the soldiers to feel as though they were in the stadium,” the company said in a statement.

The ad was directed by Peter Berg, who told “GMA” today that when he first heard about the idea, his reaction was “that we would never do it, that it was crazy.”

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“I’m like, ‘Yeah, OK, sure this is a great idea, you know, this is Hollywood dreaming at its finest,'” Berg said. He credited working with an all-star team for helping this “crazy” idea come into fruition.

“The NFL was really cooperative and the Department of Defense was cooperative, and you know Hyundai’s just extraordinarily gracious and generous,” Berg added. More

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