Here’s 10 Republican Senators Who Have Not Yet Committed Their Vote For Kavanaugh

Their true colors being shown… It’s time to call all these RINO Republican Senators and let your voice be heard, tell them enough is enough! There is no excuse for crossing over party lines. I don’t care if they hate President Trump, they need to do the right thing for their constituents that put them in office if they can’t do that they need to resign.

As of Monday evening, 41 Republican Senators have committed to a “Yea” vote in favor of Kavanaugh, however; 10 GOPers still have not pledged their votes yet.


Pay special attention to these Republican Senators.

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FOX News Congress reporter Chad Pergram has been reporting all day that sources are telling him Kavanaugh does not have 51 ‘yea’ votes yet.

Brett Kavanaugh needs a minimum of 50 Senators to vote ‘yea’ — and a vote from VP Mike Pence would take him to 51-49.

Here are the 10 Republican Senators who have not pledged their votes yet and their office phone numbers–CALL THEM!

  • Maine Senator Susan Collins -office number 202-224-2523
  • Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy – office number 202-224-582
  • Tennessee Senator Bob Corker office number 202-224-3344
  • Arizona Senator Jeff Flake – office number 202-224-4521
  • Wyoming Senator Michael Enzi – office number 202-224-3424
  • Louisiana Senator John Kennedy – office number 202-224-4623
  • Oklahoma Senator James Lankford – office number 202-224-5754
  • Kansas Senator Jerry Moran – office number 202-224-6521
  • Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski – office number 202-224-6665
  • Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse office number 202-224-4224

PERGRAM: Kavanaugh requires 51 yeas for confirmation. Senate divided 51 GOPers to 49 Sens who caucus with Dems. 41 GOPers are yeas. 10 GOPers have not pledged their votes yet: Cassidy, Collins, Corker, Enzi, Flake, Kennedy, Lankford, Moran, Murkowski & Sasse.

The first accuser, Christine Ford made an uncorroborated claim that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her decades ago at a drunken high school pool party that no one else, including the four people she claims were at the party, remembers.

The New Yorker rolled out a Kavanaugh smear Sunday evening with a second woman making uncorroborated claims Judge Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a Yale party decades ago.

Creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti is set to roll out Kavanaugh’s 3rd alleged accuser in the next 48 hours–Michael Avenatti took his grotesque attacks to the next level and informed the Senate he is accusing Kavanaugh and witness Mark Judge of getting women intoxicated at parties with drugs and alcohol so they could be gang-raped by a “train” of men. More

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