Here’s a police dashcam video that you’ll want to see

Here’s a police dashcam video that you’ll want to see

Three months ago, the Dover, Delaware, police department’s YouTube channel first gained national attention with a video called “DashCam Confessional.” The clip, showing officer Jeff Davis singing along with Taylor Swift’s smash, “Shake It Off” earned more than 33 million hits.

Image source: YouTube

On Monday, the Dover police leaked a sneak preview of the follow up to Davis’ viral smash. Yesterday, they released the full video of something called, “Dover Police Dash Cam Confessional, #DashCamDuet.”

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Image source: YouTube

In the sequel, Davis returns, joined by fellow officer Demetrius Stevenson. The pair performs a ten-song medley that kicks off with a reprise of “Shake It Off.”


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